Payroll and Settlements Processing

Beyond full featured, our Payroll and Settlements Management Software understands the special relationship between a transportation company and the various entities involved in the operations. Our software incorporates complete functionality for processing settlements for employees and drivers, owner operators, multiple truck owners and independent agents. With complete Federal and State Income Tax and Employment Tax management, federal report filings, e-filing capabilities and individual earnings statements for both the U.S. and Canada, our software delivers the most advanced tax and compliance capabilities available anywhere. Add in that our software pays particular attention to transportation specific necessities such as per diem, advances and driver escrow accounts and your company is free to pursue even the most diverse strategic objectives with the knowledge that your software will be able to address the situation.

Settlement Processing

Multiple unique settlement processing systems allow for efficient management of even the most complex environments. With common sense placement of every tool necessary to facilitate each process and every screen customized for it’s assigned task, this system is remarkably easy to use. And with all pertinent dispatching and other operational data already accessed and available for processing, there is little or no data entry necessary to process payroll and produce settlements and payments.

  • Employees – Salaried or hourly, staff employees and executives
  • Salespeople – Receiving commissions based on freight gross or net
  • Agents – Terminal operators paid based on calculated terminal profits
  • Company Drivers – Salaried, hourly, mileage or percentage based
  • Owner Operators – Owning one truck or multiple trucks
  • Modify driver dispatch pay and sales commissions
  • Interact with multiple advance and escrow accounts
  • Bonus, vacation and other types of special pay
  • Automated agent commission calculators
  • Embedded search and research features

Payroll and Settlement Reporting

While our software delivers the tools that create the efficient processes that make up a well run Payroll and Settlement department, it also generates the documentation that provides critical analysis and delivers usable information where needed. From ongoing tax liability reporting, specialized and customizable employee, driver and agent settlements, to a full range of tax form printing and E-Filing capabilities, our software produces the output that brings information into use.

  • Full GL and subsidiary ledger reporting
  • Per period or per batch tax deposit calculations
  • History reports, advances and escrow statements
  • Sales commissions and other special pay analysis
  • Federal and state wage withholding analysis
  • 1099s & 1096 printing and E-Filing
  • W2s and W3s printing and E-Filing
  • Plain Paper 940s and 941s
  • Canadian T1s and T4s