Financial Controls and Analysis

Usable, accessible and specific information drives the better decision making crucial to your organizational success. Company Controllers, CFOs and other accounting professionals appreciate our well designed and highly effective data access and manipulation capabilities. They know that a correct analysis of financial data involves accessing the source transaction. With all of our accounting systems being fully integrated with all of our dispatching systems, management can drill-down from an Income Statement directly into a dispatch record, something that un-integrated accounting software does not do. Beyond that, all of our accounting functionality interacts continuously with operations data. Allowing management to set control standards on the accounting side that are enforced on the operations side. Meaning profitability standards, credit standards and more can and will all be met.

Specialized Management Tools

Our software delivers specialized management controls that are comprehensive and thorough. Our management features work together to create an environment that informs and influences operational decision making, resulting in improved performance, enhanced revenue opportunities and reduced cost ratios. Information is crucial. By combining in-depth reporting with dispatch and accounting transaction data access, questions are answered faster and better decisions are made.

Accounting Manager

From one screen view and drill-down to the most important information from all major functional areas within your accounting department. Asset and liability accounts are totaled and year-to-date totals are displayed for income and expense accounts. Other functional area totals include:

  • Open & Past Due Invoices
  • Open & Past Due Bills
  • Checks & Deposits
  • Quick Income Statement
  • Quick Balance Sheet
  • Current Ratio
  • Totals and Balances by Account

Accounting Registers

Running balance registers for all asset and liability accounts and transaction registers for all income and expense accounts. All with drill down capabilities and all with multiple filtering options including by account, by office and more.

Extensive Financial Reporting

Excellent reporting that covers the entire General Ledger and all Subsidiary Ledgers is just the beginning. With literally thousands of unique reports available, our reporting capabilities include complete financials, detailed analytical reporting by department and ad-hoc report writing. Reports can be customized, saved, scheduled, batch printed and secured. With data views and a graphical views for every report and drill down capabilities available for every report, our Accounting Reporting System is the most versatile and complete system of its kind.